Figure out what you really need
Your Peak Experience with Escorts

Figure out what you really need

Georgie Wolf

Welcome to ‘Your peak experience with escorts’, the online course that shows you how to have incredible encounters with independent sex professionals. With these strategies, you’ll have escort sessions that leave you feeling good about yourself and remind you that life is worth living.

Here’s where you’re at: You know what to expect, and that there are specific strategies that can give you a ‘peak experience’ with escorts. In this lesson I’m going to share the first of those strategies with you - and it’s all about self knowledge, discovering what you want out of your encounters. It matters because an escort session can look very different depending on the worker, the vibe, and the activities you get up to together. If you don’t know what you want, you’ll probably get a ‘generic’ service that just isn’t satisfying. Once you know your deeper needs, you’ll be able to plan an experience that will make you truly happy.

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