“As an escort, do you give presents to your clients?”

“As an escort, do you give presents to your clients?”

Georgie Wolf
As a escort when you are asked to celebrate a client’s birthday do you give him a small present / card, or just meet & do the normal booking?

Sex work is a service. I’m only obligated to provide the experience that I’ve negotiated with my client.

This means that whether it’s a client’s birthday or just any other occasion, the way I give is by putting effort into what I do best – my job. It goes the other way too – I’d never expect gifts or tips from clients, because the fee we’ve negotiated includes everything we agree to do together.

For birthdays or special occasions, the client will often organise a special dinner or activity themselves to celebrate. The client will pay for any extra outings or activities. Of course, sometimes I’m the birthday present, if you know what I mean! Regardless, if I know it’s a special occasion I’ll be sure to put extra effort in – but that applies to almost all of my sessions anyway.

In the past, I have given small gifts or cards to very long-term clients, but it’s a rarity and shouldn’t be expected by a client no matter how long we have been seeing each other. (I also shouted someone a donut once, but it doesn’t happen every day!)

I suspect that if you asked other escorts, they’d give you a range of different answers. But when it comes to gifts or special favours, my advice is, 'Don’t have  expectations'. Your escort doesn’t owe you anything apart from the negotiated service. If they do choose to give you special treatment, it’s a bonus.